JPP Felt machine, the unique felt machine with 4 rolls

felting machine

Why use a felting machine
Woolfelting a creative process, but hard work too!
Wool felting is an ever popular creative process, that has been around for centuries, a variety of products such as; hats, bags, cushions, blankets and tapestries, can be made. Felting is physically very demanding, especially so for people, to whom it is more than just a hobby. Arm- shoulder- and backaches are frequent complaints and when spared such problems, one might feel restricted by the limited number of hours to be spent felting. The JPP-felting machine offers relief from the physically demanding, without hampering the creative side of the process.

Advantages of the JPP Felting machine

  • Frame and plate work are made entirely of stainless steel. The material will last over a lifetime.
  • Maintenance of JPP felting machines is therefor easy.
  • It has a very good quality / price comparison.
  • What distinguishes the JPP felting machine is the fact that it has four eccentrically revolving rolls, i.e. two top and two bottom rolls.
  • The machine may only be used for wool felting and was made with the experienced felter in mind.
  • Before starting the actual process set the time, speed and also the top roll pressure. Working with different settings will give you the experience to reach the desired result.
  • The felting process evolves over several rounds. As the process works hardest on the outside of the roll, it is necessary every couple of minutes to stop the machine and take out the roll in order to turn the wool over, add some extra wool where necessary and straighten the piece out. This procedure to be repeated several times to achieve a well-balanced piece of work.

Specification feltingmachine 1600

Junction: 230V
Capacity: 0,55 kW
Weight: 165 kg
Machine measurements (length x depth x height)?: 187 x 56 x 125 cm
Maximum product width: 1,60 mtr *
Maximum product bore: 45 cm
Minimum product bore: 17 cm
Noise machine: Less than 70 dB (A)
Material machine / frame: Stainless steel AISI 304

Price machine product working width 1,60 mtr 4.600,- excl vat/shipping costs .

*The feltmachine is also available in a length of 2,50 meter (see below).

Residence : Panningen, The Netherlands

For a free trial run of the JPP felting machine, please contact us at the above telephone number or by e-mail. Experienced felters only! Please bring your own wool, soap and bubble wrap! On purchase a full manual is provided.

The first prototype felting machine Jos made for his sister Mirjam. She is an artist who works a lot with felting. Here you can see her working with the first machine.

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